macOS Catalina: Apple’s notary drops the ballast

A few weeks before the final version of macOS Catalina, Apple is loosening its grip on developers, especially those who distribute their applications outside the Mac App Store. To work on Catalina, these apps must be “notarized”, an essential prerequisite to prevent, for example, the software in question from turning into malware.

For new developers, the procedure is mandatory since macOS 10.14.5. On Catalina, everyone has to pass under the caudine forks of Apple’s notary, which is not without causing difficulties for some developers for whom the transition is difficult.


In a note, Apple therefore gives up and adjusts the prerequisites of the notarization procedure until January 2020. Developers can have their applications notarized even if they do not embed Hardened Runtime capabilities; if they have components that are not signed with the developer’s Apple ID; if they have been compiled with older versions of the SDK, among other flexibilities of Apple’s Brain Law.


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